Create Innovatively NOW is an experiential five days workshop from April 3rd to April 7th 2017 about creativity in action, rapid innovation and deep presence. The workshop will take place in the beautiful Maksimir Park in Zagreb – where we will be together both outside in the park or inside in a restaurant from 10am to 3pm daily. Afternoons and evenings we will "swarm" out across the whole city to the most attractive and suitable pockets and places to work and create. 

The fundamental longing of humans is to express themselves; the fundamental human ability is creativity. Expression can have different forms and needs a variety of tools and techniques. Tools and techniques without the right skills are wasted potentials. 

Being creative causes suffering if we cannot live creatively in our profession. It is not only about how to act with more tools and techniques, but to build a bridge between your voice and your work. It requires clarity of what someone wants to express and an understanding of the creative process. 

This workshop employs the magic of a group, working together, learning together, providing service, support and feedbacks with each other, being active, but guided and protected. 

One topic, the same process, an individual approach. 

This workshop is the result of the European TECRINO project.  

Embrace your creativity

Accepting creativity and innovation as an integral part of one's being. Change your perceptions, create new symbols, explore all the possibilities film/video can provide, create new metaphors using only one's sense of vision or body language. Develop your ability to sense. Trust your sensibility and trust your intuition. Use your imagination. 

Acquire new creative skills 

Discover new methods and tools to express yourself and create your desired outcome. 

Understand the creative process 

Discover new methods and tools to express yourself and create your desired outcome. 


Discover new methods and tools to express yourself and create your desired outcome. 




We invite you to be fully present during all the course dates: engaging in activities, being on time for sessions and committing fully to learning, sharing and exploring the topic. 


The main theme of this course is the exploration of your creativity in the real life activity of video making. The topic of the week is "Humans and Nature". We will use nature and Maksimir park for inspiration, thus be ready to host yourself and prepare your body (and clothes) for an active and engaging presence. 


To ensure sufficient time for the creative process and the realization of the video it is necessary to prepare a synopsis and scrip before starting the workshop. Please let us know what kind of software for video editing you are going to use. We recommend that you send your synopsis and script to us by March 27th, so we can give you some more guidelines for an efficient and realistic preparation, if necessary. 


Sharing personal experiences and listening, taking inspiration from nature and giving examples of innovative human creations are essential parts of the workshop. 

  • A computer with software for video editing (Recommendation: Adobe Premiere, Windows Movie Maker, Apple Final Cut, Apple iMovie, Nero Video). 


  • Your own smart phone or camera with at least 2GB free space with USB cable or any other equipment to transfer video materials from camera to computer. 


Casual, comfortable clothes and shoes for indoors and outdoor activities; raincoat or waterproof jacket.


We are pleased to inform you that our workshop Create Innovatively NOW was successfully held from April 3rd to April 7th 2017 in Zagreb at Maksimir Park.


Detailed evaluation and participants feedbacks 

can be found on the link below.

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Dunja, Jasenka, Goran and Mare


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